360° Inside Look at Mission: Impossible – Fallout Crazy Helicopter Stunt

The Mission: Impossible franchise has brought audiences some of the craziest stunts in movie history and it appears that M:I – Fallout will bring another slew of wild stunts to the big screens this summer as well. Check out the exclusive first look below at the helicopter stunt which shows the length that Tom Cruise will go to make sure the action set pieces in the new film will be on par with previous films.

The 55-year old Cruise actually took the time to learn how to fly a helicopter at an expert level so he could be in the cockpit, all by himself, during a chase sequence through snow covered mountains. For a moment we wish we had to courage to check out these helicopter lessons london has so we could be just as awesome as Tom Cruise. The video is intense and shows just how dedicated to his craft Tom Cruise is when it comes to the M:I action films.

Watch the stunt below along with a 360 degree inside look inside the helicopter:

Mission Impossible | 360 GIFs

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Posted by Paramount Pictures on Wednesday, May 16, 2018


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