Netflix: Popular in March 2024

Here’s a list of some of the popular shows and movies on Netflix in March 2024.

  1. The Irishman (2019) – Directed by Martin Scorsese, this epic crime film stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. It follows the story of Frank Sheeran, a truck driver who becomes involved with the Bufalino crime family.
  2. Bird Box (2018) – Directed by Susanne Bier and starring Sandra Bullock, this post-apocalyptic thriller follows a woman and her children as they navigate a world overrun by mysterious creatures that cause people to commit suicide if they see them.
  3. Extraction (2020) – This action-packed thriller stars Chris Hemsworth as a black ops mercenary tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son of an international crime lord in Bangladesh.
  4. The Old Guard (2020) – Based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka, this action film follows a group of immortal mercenaries led by Charlize Theron as they fight to protect their identities and abilities from a pharmaceutical company.
  5. Enola Holmes (2020) – This mystery-adventure film stars Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes, the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, as she embarks on a quest to find her missing mother.
  6. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) – Directed by Aaron Sorkin, this historical drama follows the infamous trial of seven defendants charged with inciting a riot during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
  7. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) – Based on the novel by Jenny Han, this romantic comedy follows high school student Lara Jean Covey as her secret love letters are unexpectedly sent to her past crushes, leading to romantic complications.
  8. The Queen’s Gambit (2020) – This miniseries follows the life of Beth Harmon, an orphaned chess prodigy, as she rises to fame in the male-dominated world of competitive chess while battling addiction and personal demons.
  9. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) – This interactive film from the “Black Mirror” series allows viewers to make choices that determine the outcome of the story as a young programmer adapts a fantasy novel into a video game.
  10. Da 5 Bloods (2020) – Directed by Spike Lee, this war drama follows a group of Vietnam War veterans who return to the country in search of the remains of their fallen squad leader and buried treasure.
  11. Mank (2020) – Directed by David Fincher, this biographical drama follows screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he races to finish the screenplay for “Citizen Kane” while battling personal demons and navigating Hollywood politics.
  12. Knives Out (2019) – Directed by Rian Johnson, this comedic whodunit follows a detective investigating the death of a wealthy patriarch, with a star-studded ensemble cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas.
  13. The Social Network (2010) – Directed by David Fincher, this biographical drama chronicles the rise of Facebook and the legal battles and personal conflicts that ensued among its founders.
  14. Inception (2010) – Directed by Christopher Nolan, this mind-bending sci-fi thriller follows a skilled thief who enters the dreams of others to steal their secrets.
  15. The Departed (2006) – Directed by Martin Scorsese, this crime thriller follows an undercover cop and a mole in the police force as they try to identify each other while infiltrating opposing sides of the Boston mob.
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