The Trailer for Desperation Road | Starring Mel Gibson, Garrett Hedlund

desperation road

The first trailer for Desperation Road has been released starring Mel Gibson, Garrett Hedlund and Ryan Hurst.

Desperation Road, directed by Nadine Crocker, is based on the novel of the same name. Alongside Gibson and Hedlund, Desperation Road also stars Willa Fitzgerald, Ryan Hurst, Woody McClain, Katy Bodenhamer, Kat Foster, Ella Thomas, Pyper Braun, Michael Milligan, and Shiloh Fernandez.

Check out the Desperation Road trailer below:

“In a small Mississippi town, justice and the law are two very different things,” reads the official synopsis for the film. “Academy Award Winner Mel Gibson (Braveheart), Garret Hedlund (TRON: Legacy), and Willa Fitzgerald (Scream: The TV Series) star in a modern noir thriller based on the acclaimed novel by Michael Farris Smith about two lost souls tortured by the mistakes of their past and bound by a secret that keeps them running.”
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