Joaquin Phoenix, Ari Aster Scouting New Film Eddington in New Mexico

Aster and Phoenix look to be the new power duo in Hollywood filmmaking.


Director Ari Aster and actor Joaquin Phoenix have been spotted scouting filming locations for their upcoming movie Eddington in Estancia, New Mexico.

The duo recently collaborated on the tragicomedy Beau Is Afraid which got mixed reviews from critics and fans a like. Aster is known for his horror directing with Midsummer and Hereditary.

Check out photos of the two together with fans in New Mexico:

About Eddington:

According to an interview from La Reppublica (via World of Reel), the film is a contemporary western that takes place in a fictional copper mining town in New Mexico during the pandemic.

In a Reddit AMA, he said, “Although it’s sort of a – I don’t know if you’d call it a revisionist western. It’s contemporary; one foot is in the western and one foot is even more heavily in the noir genre. So it’s like a film noir ensemble western dark comedy.”

Watch the Beau is Afraid trailer:

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