Emily Blunt Gives A Quiet Place 3 Update

a quiet place 3

Actress Emily Blunt recently commented that she has had discussions with her husband/director John Krasinski and co-star Cillian Murphy about finishing A Quiet Place 3 sooner, rather than later. But she will only do the third film if all parties are 100% on board and involved.

During a discussion with Josh Horowitz to promote Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer which she stars, Blunt spoke on making the film, thoughts on an Edge of Tomorrow sequel, superheroes, and even a bit about her own childhood.

When the conversation turned to A Quiet Place, Blunt began by saying how surprised she was by her husband’s talents behind the camera. Then, when quizzed on if the plan is to finish the trilogy eventually, she revealed she’s already been talking about it with Krasinski and Murphy.

”Cillian and I were having a chat about it with John last night. We were sitting on a rooftop all together, drinking wine.” Blunt remarked, “It would have to be that we would all do it together. I don’t want it to be with a different director.”

She also hold Horowitz that they had to take a break before doing another movie together as filming the other 2 films had taken over their home life. She compares it to “a wild horse in our house”.

While we all wait for the final film in the Blunt/Krasinski story, we have the prequel movie A Quiet Place: Day One coming. Pig’s director Michael Sarnoski taking up the chair, not John Krasinski. The story focuses on a whole new story with different characters and stars Lupita Nyong’o (Us), Alex Wolff (Hereditary), Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things), and Djimon Hounsou ( A Quiet Place: Part II).

A Quiet Place Part One Trailer:

A Quiet Place Part Two Trailer:

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