Adult Beginners Interview – Nick Kroll , Bobby Cannavale

adult beginners interview

Career setbacks, marital woes, the bonds of family and the challenges of child rearing make for familiar but sturdy entertainment in “Adult Beginners,” a warmly appealing dramedy about two grown-up siblings who reconnect at an uneasy moment in their lives.

Boasting the relationship-movie smarts and low-budget polish typical of the Duplass Brothers’ work (they’re credited as exec producers), this sophomore directing effort for Ross Katz (“Taking Chance”) resolves itself a bit too tidily in the final stretch, but sustains affection most of the way with its well-observed moments and gently offbeat comic rhythms. Although the pic should serve as a handy feature-length introduction to the talents of TV actor-comedian Nick Kroll, its most bankable element is easily Rose Byrne, whose post-“Neighbors” profile should give “Beginners” a bit of a head start in commercial release via Radius-TWC.

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