Director Gareth Edwards on The Creator Character: ‘The Oppenheimer Of A.I.’

the creator

Director Gareth Edwards has put out some information on tackling the dangers in A.I. in his new film The Creator. he identity of the titular Creator, the scientist who developed the A.I. technology, is one of the mysteries in the film. Because of the global divide created by A.I., Edwards compares the Creator to another famous scientist who changed the world: J. Robert Oppenheimer.

“They’re the Oppenheimer of A.I., and there’s been this big manhunt for them for years,” Edwards said in an interview with Empire. “On one side of the world, they’re an Osama Bin Laden figure — public enemy number one. On the other [New Asia], they’re a god, a messiah, and people will fight to the death to defend them.”

Edward went on to talk about how he wanted to show off the A.I. robots in the film and not blur the lines between human and android.

“I wanted to take that off the table,” Edwards explained. “In this film, it’s visually very clear who is AI and who isn’t. Even with the more humanoid ones.”
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