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  • The Possession of Michael King
    5 days 11 hours
    The Possession of Michael King doesn’t do anything different from its found footage predecessors and feels a lot like a more...
  • If I Stay
    5 days 17 hours
    While Mia is in her coma, we’re able to experience her life, and more importantly what she loves: the cello, her family, and...
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Johnny Poster
    6 days 5 hours
    Frank Miller's dark comic book stories about these sinister people in the malicious city are still as compelling as ever in...
  • Let's Be Cops
    6 days 12 hours
    Ryan (Johnson) and Justin (Wayons Jr.) are best friends from Ohio trying to live out their dream in LA. Justin is trying to...
  • 1 week 5 days
    Now, in 2014, we have the third Expendables film, which falls somewhere in the middle of its predecessors in terms of...

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