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  • Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
    10 hours 22 min
    Kuniko, the Treasure Hunter is like a dream. For Kumiko, Fargo is to her as Wonderland is to Alice. Unlike most movies,...
  • Love & Mercy
    1 day 5 hours
    These modern events are paralleled with Brian’s past as a Beach Boy (this younger version played by Paul Dano). Plagued by...
  • Home
    1 day 6 hours
    Home's animation style is fluid and shows great stride in the field. Tip's curly hair and the lovely particle effects that...
  • Finders Keepers
    1 day 8 hours
    Finders Keepers is oftentimes hilarious due to the crazy reality of the situation at hand, and while some of the laughs are...
  • Krisha Poster
    1 day 9 hours
    Another conscious decision that must be noted is the interesting use of aspect ratios. Making full use of the screen in the...

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