Netflix: Too Many Minions

Netflix Originals 2016 Enjoy the magic of Minions now on Netflix Do you remember the yellow banana shaped characters from last year – the Minions? Of course you do, as they have now become a part of our lives. Whether it is wallpaper somewhere, some quotes said by the Minion characters or customi...

Barbershop: The Next Cut

Barbershop: the next cut  Heartfelt & Hilarious! The movie at first may seem like a franchise trying to cash in on its success from over a decade ago,  and you’d probably be right, but the sequel manages to surpass the original. Barbershop: The Next Cut currently has over a 90% on Rotte...

Keanu movie review


Keanu: Action comedy revolving around a cute kitten Keanu is a movie with all the elements such as comedy, action, drama, heartbreaks and the icing on the cake is the ultimate cuteness. It can be a difficult thing to say that what is the exact flavor of the movie and so different people may see [...
netflix may 2016 new

New on Netflix May 2016 Recap

Netflix May 2016 What is New for Netflix fans in Netflix in May 2016? May has just approached and in May would come in a list of new exciting movies on Netflix for all movie and series lovers. Along with some of the best movies in the list there would be a series like Pleasantville, […]

netflix june 2016 top picks

Netflix June 2016: Top Picks

Netflix June 2016 Top Picks TV buffs might be wondering what would be new in Netflix for the month of June. With the summer season arriving, people would love to spend their vacations, glued to the TV and watching their favorite serials and movies.Lets see what is in the list in June. June is jus...
Must Watch Movies Netlfix 2016

10 Netflix Movies You Must Watch Right Now

10 Netflix Movies You Must Watch Right Now Are you a movie buff? Do you always spend your leisure time watching movies of different genres? Here is a list of top ten movies that can definitely brighten up your weekend. How about watching it on Netflix? The amount of movies on Netflix can be overw...

marco polo season 2 release date

Netflix July 2016: Marco Polo Season 2

Netflix July 2016 Marco Polo Season 2 Mark the date, July 1st 2016, Marco Polo Season 2 will be fully released for streaming. Previously, a Christmas special was released in 2015 and two weeks prior to that the first season came to a close. The series initially was developed for Starz in 2012 but...
the jungle book movie review

The Jungle Book: 2016 Movie Review

The Jungle Book Movie Review Revisit your childhood days with Mowgli and his friends Have you always fantasized the life of Mowgli? The Jungle Book has been one of your favorite animated series, isn’t it? The release of the 2016 movie with the same name will bring back all your childhood memories...

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Netflix News May 2016: Ultimate Beastmaster

Netflix News May 2016: Ultimate Beastmaster Netflix, the world’s favorite source to binge watch shows, is combining top tier opponents and runners from several countries round the world to be competitive in a fresh action-packed global competition series. Sylvester Stallone and the producer...
best al pacino movies

Top 5 Al Pacino Movies to Stream

Top 5 Al Pacino Movies to Watch Right Now Remembering the famous actor, i.e. Al Pacino, here are 5 top movies, in which he has acted. All the movies are worth watching. All the movies bring flavor from all the classic genres, which people love to see. Al Pacino is by far the best among […]