Thor 3 – News, Chris Hemsworth, & The Hulk

by on July 7, 2016

Thor 3

Chris Hemsworth & The Hulk

The things we do in the Shadows and Trip of the Conchords veterinarian Taika Waititi was drawn on to direct Thor’s third solo film last Oct, and now THR reviews that Folsom has joined up with the party, marking the first major move since.

Though Marvel has come under fire in the past for basically only hiring men in key behind the scenes tasks like writer and overseer, they’ve started to correct that situation. Folsom is the latest female copy writer the comic book large has hired to work on high-profile upcoming tasks. Nicole Perlman written for Guardians of the Galaxy and she is teaming plan Inside Out’s Meg LeFauve for Captain Wonder, that may also mark the first time a girl super-hero will take center condition in a Marvel movie. There’s still a long way to look, nevertheless they are moving in a more fair direction.

The Thor follow up, 2013’s Thor: The Sunset World, was the first Marvel movie to work with a female director, Patty Jenkins. Though she was finally fired from the movie, and replaced by Alan Taylor (Terminator: Genisys), Jenkins will helm the first major female-fronted super-hero movie, DC’s Wonder Female.

As you probably observed, Stephany Folsom is not exactly children name. Your woman did, nevertheless , land on the 2013 Black List–an twelve-monthly compendium of the greatest, as-yet unproduced scripts going going swimming Hollywood–with her 1969: A place Odyssey or How Kubrick Stopped Worrying and Discovered to Land on the Moon. The story is an alternate history about how precisely Stanley Kubrick and NASA teamed up for an imitation of the Moon Landing. Folsom also wrote something called The Princess of North Sudan for Disney, with regards to a man who claimed a place of Africa and announced himself the ruler, which is apparently based on a genuine story and something I totally want to watch now.

We avoid know a ton about Thor: Ragnarok, though in conjunction with Chris Hemsworth’s Asgardian, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk will also show up in some capacity. Although we have no idea how this comes to pass, we hope that the two burly game characters attempt some type of buddy adventure while they attempt to stave off the destruction of Thor’s home world.