Steven Soderbergh to Shoot and Edit Magic Mike XXL

by on May 20, 2014

Steven Soderbergh has to be the busiest “retired” person working today. Though he claims to have given up directing feature films, he is directing the upcoming TV medical drama The Knick, as well as producing various other projects. One of those “other projects” is Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to his critically and commercially successful male stripper dramedy. While Soderbergh’s longtime AD Gregory Jacobs will be helming this installment, Soderbergh is still going to be quite involved.

During a recent interview with GQ, Channing Tatum spilled the beans that in addition to producing, Soderbergh will also be acting director of photography and editor on Magic Mike XXL. He’s been well known to direct, shoot, and edit his features, using the pseudonyms “Peter Andrews” for cinematography and “Mary Ann Bernard” for editing. Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin – who wrote the first film – are collaborating on the script, which Tatum says to be “crazier” than its predecessor.

It’s comforting to know that the sequel will very much have a similar look and feel to it with Soderbergh involved in the technical process, but will it be strange for Soderbergh to be on set and not directing? With his high level of professionalism, it’s unlikely to be weird.

Get ready for a sweaty Fourth of July, for Magic Mike XXL dances its way into theaters on July 3rd, 2015.