Liev Schreiber In Talks to Join Chloe Moretz in The Fifth Wave

Schreiber is in negotiations to take on the role of the villain

There's no stopping the massive train that is YA fiction adaptations and Sony is already planning its next attempt at creating a hit franchise from Rick Yancey's The Fifth Wave. Chloe Grace Moretz has already signed on to star and now Liev Schreiber is in negotiations to join the film as the villain. 

Schreiber would be cast as a high-ranking military official who goes by the name of Vosch in the movie. Moretz will star as Cassie Sullivan, a young woman who has survived four waves of alien attacks on Earth. The alien race has taken form as near-humans who roam around a dark and desolate version of the planet while they pick off survivors. 

Cassie is determined to rescue her younger brother and on the way she meets the mysterious Evan Walker (Alex Roe), who could turn out to be her best chance at survival. 

Susannah Grant adapted the book for the big screen and J Blakeson will be directing. Yancey has planned a trilogy for the book series so if The Fifth Wave takes off in theaters when it arrives January 29, 2016 we could see more. 

Official Plot Synopsis

16-year-old Cassie Sullivan tries to survive in a world devastated by the waves of an alien invasion that has already decimated the population and knocked mankind back to the Stone Age.