Netflix News: New Original Series, India Production

by on June 6, 2016

Netflix New Original Series

51tV+ZaWdjL._AA300_Netflix announced a new original series in partnership with Phantom Films. The leading production house in India will be leading this series’ production. The series will be based upon the acclaimed novel, Sacred Games, written by Vikram Chandra, an Indian author. The novel brings the reader into the world of modern India and shows the links between politics and crime in Indian life. As the modern economy grows, so does the use of bribery and corruption to bring it all together. The book brings in more themes such as violence and nuclear threats as the story continues.

Vikram Chandra’s keenly anticipated new novel is a wonderful story of friendship and betrayal, of terrible physical violence, associated with an astonishing modern city as well as its dark side. Sketching inspiration from the timeless classics of nineteenth-century fiction, unknown novels, Bollywood movies and Chandra’s own life and research on the pavements of Mumbai, Sacred Game titles evokes with devastating realistic look the way we live now but resonates with the intelligence and mental depth of the best of literature

The series produced by Netflix and Phantom Films will be shot on site in India and will be released soon after completion to the entire world. The author seems to be hopeful of the adaptation saying “I’m confident that all the color and vitality and music of the fictional world I’ve lived with for so long will come fully alive on the large-scale canvas provided by Netflix. I’m thrilled to be working with Netflix and Phantom Films.”