Netflix Announces ‘Recommended TV Program’

by on January 12, 2015

Netflix has changed how people use their televisions. While some still have a cable subscription plan, many have used the service (in combination with Hulu) to cut ties with their cable provider and relegate their main TV to be a Netflix machine. However not all television are created equal in this respect, as some work better than others that suffer from longer buffering sessions. This week, Netflix has announced a plan to remedy this problem.

As part of a new “Recommended TV Program” the company will begin to give some television sets a seal of approval recognizing that the set will provide a quality Netflix experience to its customers. Netflix will begin to recommend TVs that perform well, offer easy navigation, and present new interesting features for the service. More criteria is expected to be revealed in the spring, but for now the service is looking for fast TVs. The company expects TVs from Sony, LG, and Vizio to be among the first crop of recommended televisions.

The program was revealed at an LG press event alongside the announcement that LG’s new TVs will be able to stream Netflix in HDR, or high-dynamic range. HDR is a photography technique meant to increase the detail in a photograph, but Netflix will most likely be using the feature to send higher quality streams to the TVs.