Narcos Season 2: Lawyers, Hype &…The End?

by on July 11, 2016

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Narcos Season 2: Lawyers & Hype

“It’s all about Pablo on the run,” Moura said to Handler on Tuesday. “It’s from the day Pablo escapes to his death.”

Among the last surviving members of Pablo Escobar’s notorious Medell? n cartel has a bone to pick with Netflix over the buffering giant’s popular original series Narcos — and really potentially a very expensive one. Roberto Escobar, the older brother of the late drug kingpin in whose life inspired the series, is seeking $1 billion dollars in compensation from Netflix and to be able to review season 2 before it becomes available to subscribers, information Newsweek.

Escobar laid away his concerns in a letter obtained and posted by TMZ on Wed, claiming there were “mistakes, lies, and inaccuracies” in the first season, which premiered that kicks off in august 2015. This individual argued that as one of the cartel’s frontrunners and Escobar’s family call, he should be given “the rightful possibility to review this material. ” In addition, he wrote that he registered successor-in-interest protection under the law over his brother and family name in A bunch of states in 2015.


Although Escobar called the letter a “friendly request, ” he informed Newseek that he’d take legal action up against the company if necessary. “If they decline my offer, we certainly have attorneys ready to move forward with necessary actions, inches he said.
‘Narcos’ which is one of the most popular Netflix original programs had been nominated for Best Television Series – Drama category in both the Golden World Awards (2016) and the Satellite Awards (2015). That was also nominated in the Best International category for the BAFTA TELEVISION Awards (2016).

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will have to shell out such a huge sum of money (especially when content obtain costs are actually affecting their profitability). For 2016, Netflix had estimated to spend $6 billion on content. Also, it’s important to remember that the company acquired taken a debt of practically captal up to $1 billion last season for the development of original programs.