Movie’s Most Memorable Mothers

by on May 10, 2015

At times they may drive us crazy; whether it is with incessant nagging telling us to “clean our room” or cleaning a smudge off of our face in front of our crush. They pry into our personal lives always keeping a watchful eye on us, yet we couldn’t love them any more for it. Of course, we are talking about moms. Film has portrayed various forms of the matriarchal role throughout the years, so in celebration of Mother’s Day and moms all around the world GotchaMovies is highlighting some of the most memorable moms in cinema history.

Sarah Connor – Terminator Franchise


When one thinks ‘badass mom,’ there are two distinct names that come to mind and Sarah Connor is one of them. A main protagonist in the first two Terminator films, Connor is interesting due to her evolution. Beginning as a damsel in distress, we eventually watch her become a hardened warrior fighting for the sake of the human race. She is such a beloved character that she also was the focus of a short-lived television show. Oh yeah and she also gives birth to the savior of humanity, so there’s that.

Ellen Ripley – Alien Franchise


The other mom that comes to mind is of course Ellen Ripley. Whether it be for Amanda or Newt, Ripley is ready to fight for her child going one-on-one with a Xenomorph. She isn’t just one of the best female protagonists, but is often regarded as one of the best characters of all time. Ripley bent the notion of gender roles in film by being more than capable of fighting for herself and others. The character also helped launch Sigourney Weaver’s career. The character has continued to live on in 2014’s Alien: Isolation video game, and will reappear on the big screen with Neill Blomkamp’s entry into the franchise.

Kate McCallister – Home Alone


Whether or not Mrs. McCallister can be considered a good mom depends on who you ask. She does somehow manage to lose track of her kid on two separate occasions, but on the flip side she also travels across the country on her own in an attempt to rectify her mistake. Not all moms are perfect (as we are about to see), but this list isn’t about the quality of their actions. We all remember the famous “KEVIN!” scream, and if we somehow managed to forget we are reminded every Christmas when we rewatch the hilarious outcome of her mistake.

Margaret White – Carrie


Speaking of mothers with less than stellar track records, there’s Margaret White. The fanatically religious, abusive, and mentally insane Mrs. White is the main antagonist of the original 1976 Carrie. The way she interacts with Carrie is haunting, and her final twisted moments upon learning of her daughter’s abilities are still ingrained in viewers’ minds today. Portrayed by Piper Laurie, the performance would go on to garner Best-Supporting Actress nominations from both the Golden Globes and the Academy, a rarity even today for a horror film.

Rosemary Woodhouse – Rosemary’s Baby


Speaking of spectacular horror performances, we can’t forget to mention Mia Farrow’s turn as the titular Rosemary in Rosemary’s Baby. With Roman Polanski’s direction, Farrow portrays every expecting mother’s fears regarding their unborn child with gravitas. Eventually giving birth to the spawn of Satan, Rosemary still gives into her maternal instincts in order to care for her newborn after overcoming the initial shock of his “unique” appearance. Truly, a face only a mother (and Satanists) could love.

Leigh Anne Tuohy – The Blind Side


Based on a true story, The Blind Side introduced the world to Leigh Anne Tuohy. She is the embodiment of southern hospitality and charm, and it doesn’t hurt that Sandra Bullock gives one of her best performances. After adopting the homeless Michael Oher, she helps him achieve his full potential in becoming an NFL football player. Their story shows that the mother-child relationship doesn’t have to be based solely on blood, but is something much deeper.

Elastigirl – The Incredibles


Considering all that they do for us, we often think of our mothers as superheroes, and Elastigirl is the embodiment of that. After years of the non-heroic lifestyle, Helen Parr finds herself back in action. Initially thinking she is on a mission to save her marriage, she ends up having to save her husband while simultaneously protecting her children. Elastigirl is forced to play multiple roles throughout the movie, not unlike many mothers around the world. The grace in which she manages all of this is remarkable and awe-inspiring.

Norma Bates – Psycho


Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece is still held up as one of the best the art form has to offer. The dark exploration of how much the matriarch can affect the psyche of her offspring created an unsettling work that stands the test of time. The twisted relationship between Norman and his mother still catches audiences’ interest, and has led to its continued dissection in A&E’s Bates Motel.

Pamela Voorhees – Friday the 13th


Although Jason Voorhees is the face many associate with the Friday the 13th franchise, his mother is the killer who started it all. She blamed the counselors for her son’s untimely drowning and made sure that they all would suffer for her loss. She plagued the camp for years in hopes that no further accidents would occur. After she is eventually defeated, her death is the catalyst for Jason’s return and murderous rampage. Whether in life or in death, the unwavering love for her son leads to the deaths of hundreds of horny teens.

Bambi’s Mother – Bambi


We saw this one coming. Bambi’s mother teaches the young deer about the inner workings of the forest and the laws that govern it. The Great Princess of The Forest makes the most of her time before her untimely demise. Still one of the most shocking moments in cinema, her death gives an insight into what it could be like to lose your mother. It is also a constant reminder to cherish what you have while you have it. Hug your mom and tell her you love her!