Movie News March 2016 : 10 Cloverfield Lane Sequel

by on March 14, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane Sequel

cloverfield lane 2

10 Cloverfield Lane is hardly a JJ Abrams sequel of the 2008 film Cloverfield. This movie uniquely stands on its own and resides in the same universe as Cloverfield, but takes a different approach. Film critics have given the film praise and Jordan Hoffman says its filled with “tremendous tension.”

I can’t wait for producer JJ Abrams to give us another not-next chapter in this story” – Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian

JJ Abrams seems to be king of suspense before the movie is even released. Trailers give small bites of information and allow countless Youtube videos and blog articles spouting conjecture on what really is happening. The marketing plan is so ingenious that it should be studied in business classes across the US. There have been reports that the cast did not even know the title of the movie until months before release. The tension created by Abrams is reflective of the movie itself.cloverfield lane 2

10 Cloverfield Lane can be thought of as a semi-sequel, although the setting is vastly different. Instead of the vastness of a city, the story takes place in an underground bunker. John Goodman plays the head of this odd household. This tiny chamber of a setting contrast to the vast unknown of the outside, further increasing the psychological intrigue.No gimmicks either, just pure tension.

cloverfield lane 2
What is to come of this film? Abrams spoke of a 10 Cloverfield Lane Sequel. Abrams certainly leaves plenty of vagueness in his discussion and in the movie itself. A sequel may be in high demand after the box office figures are released. Studios are surely going to be looking closely at the release figures.

“There’s a bigger plan…” -JJ Abrams