Best Mission Impossible Villains

Mission Impossible: Fallout, the sixth film in the movie franchise, will be hitting theaters this summer on July 27th and has decided in honor of the new film that we would rank the ‘Best Mission Impossible Villains’ so far.

Ethan Hunt and the IMF Team have seen all kinds of bad guys since the very first film, whether they have been evil geniuses, arms dealers or close friends, and each one brought their very own form of evil to the franchise. believes we have put together a great list and our #1 villain was just too great to not place in the top spot.

Take a look at the list below, give us your feedback in the comment section and tell us your favorite!

#1.  Owen Davian – Philip Seymour Hoffman (Mission Impossible III)

The most evil, violent, well-crafted villain of the Mission Impossible series thus far goes to the ruthless Owen Davian from Mission Impossible III.

Portrayed by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Davian was a black market arms dealer who had a very personal and intense encounter with Ethan Hunt. He specialized in micro-explosives which, once planted in the head of victims or hostages, would eliminate targets with quick, non-explosive results. Davian’s goal was to locate an object called the Rabbit’s Foot and sell to a number of terrorist groups.

“You have a wife, a girlfriend? Because you know what I’m gonna do next? I’m gonna find her, whoever she is, I’m gonna find her and I’m gonna hurt her, and I’m gonna make her bleed and cry and call out your name. And you’re not gonna be able to do shit, you know why? Cause you’re gonna be this close to dead. And then I’m gonna kill you right in front of her.”

Best Scene – Davian’s Threat:


#2.   Jim Phelps – Jon Voight (Mission Impossible)

James “Jim” Phelps, portrayed by the outstanding Jon Voight, got the Mission Impossible film franchise off to an amazing start as the first villain for Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt & IMF team.

Phelps is a former IMF leader who decides to betray his country after decades of service by selling classified IMF documents to an arms dealer for a substantial amount of money. Before almost being caught, he is able to kill off his entire team during a mission when attempting to stop the theft of a (NOC) list of IMF agents and frames Ethan Hunt.

Phelps unloads a lot of devastation in his wake that includes his own IMF team, his wife and framing Hunt who looks at him like a father figure.

The character Jim Phelps was actually the main villain on the 1966 MI television series as well.

Best Scene – Jim Betrays Claire Phelps:


#3.  Sean Ambrose – Dougray Scott (Mission Impossible II)

Sean Ambrose is a rogue IMF agent who is hell bent on infecting the world with a deadly virus called Chimera then selling the only vaccination for a substantial amount of money. Ambrose is another villain in the series that is 100 percent driven by greed and looking to cash out big on his sinister plot.

Portrayed by Dougray Scott, Ambrose shows intense aggression but has a weakness: women. When his ex-girlfriend Nyah returns into his life (thanks to Ethan Hunt and IMF), he opens his arms immediately which eventually leads to his demise.

Best Scene – Ambrose Finds Out A Secret:


#4.  Kurt Hendricks – Michael Nyqvist (Ghost Protocol)

Kurt Hendricks is a Russian nuclear strategist who is regarded as a genius with an IQ over 190. When he is forced to resign as professor at Stockholm University, Hendricks goes off the deep end when he successfully penetrates the Kremlin, frames the IMF, and plans to steal a briefcase with nuclear launch codes with the goal to nuke/destroy the world.

Played by Michael Nyqvist, Hendricks isn’t necessarily the most evil of the group but his intentions of world destruction is probably the biggest threat in the film series.

Hendricks has one of the more impressive endings as he basically jumps to his death with the detonation device believing his plan will work. Hunt is forced to ride a falling car down to the factory floor to disarm the nuclear missile right in front of a dying Hendricks.

Best Scene – Ethan vs Hendricks Final Fight:


#5. Soloman Lane – Sean Harris (Rogue Nation)

Soloman Lane is a soft-spoken former MI6 agent who went rogue by helping Atlee hijack a project called The Syndicate, a rejected top secret project within the MI6, which is meant to recruit foreign government agents to undertake clandestine missions without any regulation or supervision by the British Prime Minister.

Lane is bent on killing Ethan Hunt and his IMF team so they won’t be able to stop him from creating a new world order based on unstoppable accidents and terrorist attacks that will actually turn the entire world into a massive terrorist superpower.

Best Scene – Glass Box (End Scene):

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