Ben-Hur, Worst Studio Investment of the Summer

by on August 24, 2016

Ben-Hur Loses Millions at the Box Office

Ben-Hur may be a champion of biblical times, but even his chariot couldn’t outrun the awful estimates for the container office disaster that anticipated his third coming. With a projected $12 mil gross against a hundred buck million production budget, the film even were able to splash those expectations with a $11. 2 million telling as an end effect. With such horrific statistics for is first weekend, as if Paramount and MGM will be burning off $100 million over can be now the latest lemon of 2016.

Of course, the projected loss on Timur Bekmambetov’s latest directorial effort varies depending on who you speak with. When Variety reported the $22.99 million figure as the basic opinion, studio representatives experienced that $60 – $75 million was better. The reason being that Tom Hur might find some grip on your home video market, particularly with faith established audiences and church groupings who may well not have recently been able to make it to the films to see the film previous weekend. With $30 mil projected as the film’s final domestic total, that would require at least another $30 to $45 million to be helped bring in through rentals and sales to soften the blow.

Even with the ever growing international market coming to the help of other films which may have struggled domestically, the brand new spin on an old classic has only mustered $10. 7 , 000, 000 in the first weekend. The fall of Bill Hur is a fairly easy story to follow, with the film finding itself on the brief end of the stay when it came to the promotional department, as the film seemed to go into production with little fanfare. Not only did this lead to Jack Huston’s starring convert as Judah Ben Vad going vastly unnoticed by moviegoers, it pretty much doomed the film to obscurity. See if you can remember seeing trailers just like the one we’ve included below in a theater at any point throughout this year.
Maybe the greatest sin Extremely important and MGM made when it came to Benjamin Hur was going to spend $100 million on the production, plus “tens of millions” on a lackluster advertising campaign, in order to bring the film to life. If the studio was a little more modest with their budget, we may have been referring to Ben Vad, the latest faith-based successful in theaters. Unfortunately, that is not the universe we are going to living in, and both Paramount and MGM will have to deal with the financial fallout of this latest disaster, over already perilous dealings in their home studios.